Management Team

Vic Ghazarian - Chief Executive Officer

Vic Ghazarian, Loran’s Chief Executive Officer, has broad experience with the manufacturing and sale of electronic security devices.  In 1986, Vic founded Megatronix, a manufacturer and seller of automotive security and convenience products. With facilities in mainland China, Taiwan, Korea, and Hong Kong manufacturing Megatronix’s products, Vic monitors production operations and has established distribution channels in the United States as well as Mexico and South America, such as Venezuela and Argentina. Through a distribution center in the duty free zone of Budapest, Hungary, Vic opened the European market to Megatronix’s products with annual worldwide sales peaking at $10MM. Vic brings his manufacturing and distribution expertise to the production and sales of Loran's products.

Simon Ghazarian - Product Manager

Simon Ghazarian, Loran's Product Manager, has worked in the electronic security industry for over a decade previously as the quality control analyst for an automotive security and convenience devices manufacturer and currently for Loran Technologies. His experience and duties include analyzing new technology affecting the industry and competitor product offerings, researching and developing new products and evaluating customer and market trends, negotiating with suppliers regarding design and specifications of new products monitoring, and providing recommendations for design and implementation of process and system enhancements.